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Our top of the line Aerial photography is taken with the highest quality cameras available. Flying Fotos print department can provide you with perfect high quality photo printing. Prints from Flying Fotos are 'rated' to last for over 100 years under rigorous industry accepted display conditions. So how do you protect your photos to make them last even longer?

With our backing and lamination service.

Lamination is the best way to protect your large format prints from dust, moisture and UV rays is to use lamination. Without lamination the surface of photography is just that: the surface of a photo, with all the inherit vulnerabilities that photos traditionally have. Lamination can protect your images from fingerprints, scratches and stains and is well worth the additional investment.


The backing that we use is a multi-layer composite board with a core of dense and durable polystyrene that resists crushing and denting. The larger a photo becomes the more prone it is to bending and creasing. Over time the paper will want to curl on the edges and may even become tattered and ragged. Our backing process can give your photo an extended lifetime that will protect it against kinks and creases.


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